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Services Offered for Members

Presented below are the tools and services that will be available to visitors and users of FYD, which will be fully developed in the next 12 months:

  • Three search engines to cover all the skills and needs. These systems are:

    • Complex, with an emphasis on the health professional category (all categories are shown) and a series of other parameters (location, language, communication, availability, public and private security, etc).
    • Fast, on the basis of the health professional category (by typing the relevant word e.g. GPs) and the geographical destination (e.g. Chania Centre).
    • Geographic, where the map of each prefecture is utilized and the guests’ abilities to detect locations that interest them and naturally the health practitioners around them, using cursors (scroll in, scroll out).

  • Presentation of search results both in texts and maps.
  • Ability to export the information of each professional from users/visitors directly by email or by printing while registered members will also be able to obtain the same information on their mobiles.
  • Presentation of all results based on the geographical distance from the search point, which can be highly specific (e.g. an address or a central point or a hotel).
  • Possibility of direct detection of the nearest appropriate health professional through your mobile (smart phones) or tablet (relative Apps).
  • Continuous and immediate notification on the availability of health professionals through updated work schedules, when on-call etc. In other words based on the schedules that every professional or organization has provided, which specifies when they have on-call coverage /are on-call at weekends and public holidays / provide late night services, users will be able to find out who is available the minute they need him.
  • Development of the entire contents of this site in five languages namely: English, Greek, Russian, French and German.
  • Ability to record visitors / users as members in order for them to be able to submit questions and receive updated information in their emails and even on their mobiles on health issues that concern them.