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Our goals

FindYourDoctorInCrete.gr is the first regional page for FindYourDoctor.gr. The Prefecture of Crete was chosen for many reasons as the starting area of implementation for FindYourDoctor.gr. The excellent quality and variety of available health services, that are durable even in times of economic crisis, more than three million visitors, excellent conditions for the development of medical tourism, the high spread of internet use in society, are a few of the reasons for that choice.

The main objective of this website is to provide patients in Crete, regardless of whether they are permanent residents or visitors, access to the widest possible range of information to health professionals working in the island.

FindYourDoctorInCrete.gr is simultaneously being developed with a view to bring out the very best health services available to Greek citizens, but also to millions of visitors who flock to our country annually. The growth of Medical Tourism as another form of thematic tourism requires the combination of extremely high quality hotel infrastructure, which Crete is renown in having, with an extremely high level of health services, which though available are not widely known.

Besides, just as the quality of a product has the value determined by its dispersal in the market, similarly the quality of medical services have the value determined by their dispersion through the healthy population down to the one that is ill. All of us working in Crete know the value of this dispersal very well, in a highly competitive world with great quality Cretan products. Why should the health services of the island not constitute another such outstanding export product?